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Public Wi-Fi Hotspot Service

Public Wi-Fi Hotspot Service

We specialise in design, deployment and management of public hotspot systems with centralised monitoring and management. We have the capacity to deploy public WiFi hotspot for your business anywhere in Nigeria.

Public WiFi Hotpot Features

  • Concurrent login by users through their mobile devices.
  • Good WiFi coverage and bandwidth.
  • Cost effective solution
  • Allow free and trail internet access for few minutes
  • Centralized authentication and monitoring.
  • Grant free access to your business websites
  • Show ads and promotions on the login page
  • Customised login page with your brand.
  • User self-service page for registration, payment and account refill.
  • Website and application filtering
  • Limitations by data plans and time validity
  • Many login options.
WiFi hotspot with facebook logiin

Public WiFi Authentication Methods

  • No Login
  • You want to offer free WiFi service to customers but you just need them to supply their details and then accept your terms and condition.

  • Social Network Login
  • Users can login with their Facebook, Twitter, google and social network accounts

  • Login Voucher
  • Create and generate account vouchers and tickets containing username and password

  • SMS verification Login
  • Users can get login detail or OTP on their phone after supplying the correct phone number. The system sends SMS to the users supplied phone number

Setup Public WiFi

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