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WiFi Hotspot & Internet Solutions

WiFi Hotspot & Internet Solutions

WiFi Hotspot enables service providers to offer free or commercial wireless internet access to customers on their personal devices like smart phone, ipad, Laptop and any Wi-Fi enabled device.

We design, plan and install hotspots that can be deployed by wireless ISP, Hotels, shopping malls, campus WI-Fi, hostels. schools and other public locations where internet is required for customers.

Our solution enables service providers to properly manage internet service through RADIUS server and captive portal technology.
The captive portal or login page can be customised to suit your label and brand with a wide range of authentication options including username/password combination, social account login, email login or simply accepting and clicking on Terms & Conditions button.

HOTEL WiFi Solutions

Our wifi solution for hotel ensures you get full wifi coverage with good signal strength in every part of your hotel and not only that, you also have a customised login page designed with your hotel information to further boost your hotel brand.
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School & Campus WiFi Solutions

Whether it is a tertiary institution/campus wifi solution to offer managed Wi-Fi service for students in the hostel, library, lecture room auditorium, relaxation spots or a modern college that requires WIFI service in their ICT laboratory, we have the experience to deploy the right solution for your Wi-Fi needs.

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Public Hotspot Solutions

Public WiFi Hotspots are usually located in Cafes, airports, shopping malls, recreation and events center etc. When you consider setting up a public hotspot to provide WiFi internet service to customers or users either as a business or free service, our hotspot solution starts from providing wifi coverage in your target area to management and billing services.

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Events WiFi Service

Be it an exhibition or tradeshow, training workshop, meeting or convention, we can offer you unlimited internet access and good WiFi coverage throughout the period of your event with customised event wifi login splash page specifically developed for the theme of your event

Do you want to show adverts and promotions on the login page? or you may want to capture the email and phone numbers of event participants after accepting your privacy policy or terms and condition, our WiFi solution for events has all the features you may require for your business and marketing needs

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Wireless ISP Solutions

A wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) provides internet access and related services to the public by implementing wireless networking solutions and technologies.
Are you planning to setup wireless ISP to provide internet service to customers?

Wireless ISP setup requires careful planning and high level of technical expertise. From the network planing and design stage to equipment selection, implementation and network rollout, we have a wealth of experience in ISP network infrastructure operations.
We can assist businesses and wireless service providers in setup and support operations starting from network core and distribution to customers access level.
By selecting the right equipment and design, we can build wireless ISP infrastructure that can be deployed to provide internet service in business districts, estates, school campus, shopping malls and other public locations.

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