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Managing internet access in the office

internet access control and management in the office

Internet access is an essential tool required in every office and business.
Often times, this great service is usually abused at the expense of the organisation, leading to lost of resources and useful time.
Internet abuse can also lead to misuse of company data and expose business to various forms of cyber attacks
Organisations have to find new ways of controlling internet access for employees, put internet access policy in place and ensure internet access in the office is used for what it should be.
With proper restriction measures in place to stop abuse of internet service , business can increase productivity as as well as save cost.
Most organisation ensure WiFi passwords are changed regularly while some implement methods that filter the machines that have access to internet.
These are all okay but these measures do nothing about saving your precious data or blocking access to some unhealthy website in the office or application and content filtering.
Our internet control solution can save your data by allocating data to staff, stop file downloads, block some websites and applications as well as block unauthorised users and staff on the LAN or WiFi from internet access.

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