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Hotel WiFi & Login Solutions

Hotel WiFi & Login Solutions

Over 50 hospitality brands and a growing number of hotels in Nigeria are enjoying our Hotel Wi-Fi solution nationwide.

We have helped a growing number of satisfied customers and hotels in Nigeria to address the Wi-Fi challenges in their facilities. We make the Wi-Fi in your hotel a part of your brand through a custom and unique login page professionally designed to adapt to every screen size. The creative look and feel of your hotel login page makes you stand out from the rest.


  1. We integrate your existing ISP and WiFi into the new hotspot router

  2. Your guests connect to your hotel WiFi with mobile phone or Laptop and the customised login page shows up

  3. Guest signs in with pre-assigned username and password and be granted interne access

Our installation is customised with a unique and branded login portal or splash page that adapts perfectly to every screen size with a theme professional designed to reflect your brand.
Users sign in through the custom login page using any of the different options

  • Basic signin by accepting the terms and condition of your service before login
  • Social media login using Facebook, Twitter or Google account. You can connect your business directly to social media profiles.
  • Account voucher or ticket containing username/password with predefined time and data plan for each customer
  • Use room number or customer’s name as login
  • Email and phone number signin

The solution is highly flexible with a lot of customisation options that can further promote your business.

  • Guests can be automatically redirected to your hotel website upon login
  • Guests can access your hotel website without signing in
  • Integrate your hotel website with the WiFI login page
  • Automatically direct users to watch a video of your products
  • You can promote your products and services through adverts at intervals either on the login page or during browsing


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