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Broadband Internet Solutions

Broadband Internet Solutions

We offer an array of high speed Internet service options for home users, SOHO, SME and large organizations in Nigeria.

Whether your office is located in the city within the reach of public broadband internet infrastructure or a remote location where you can only see the sky, we have the right broadband solution with affordable internet data plans in Nigeria for your business in Lagos, Abuja, PH, Ibadan, Kano and cities across the country.
dedicated unlimited high speed internet service provider for home and business in Nigeria

Whatever the need, location or budget, we know the right solution to connect you to a high speed internet gateway over fiber optic cable, microwave or satellite technology.

Home User & Small Office Internet Plans

When you need plug and play WiFi devices with affordable internet data plans anywhere in Nigeria, we can provide you with a wide range of options to select.
From as low as 7Gb to unlimited data plans and free night browsing on 4G LTE service in cities across Nigeria, you can now share internet with your family and be on the go with our portable internet devices.
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SME Internet Service

Corporate Internet Plans

VSAT Internet

Our VSAT installation service offers you business class dedicated broadband internet access anywhere in Nigeria.

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We'd love to talk more with you about your ICT needs and the solutions we offer.
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